Things to consider while Buying Laptop for a Teacher

Teaching is a very rewarding profession which offers you more personal satisfaction than you could ever ask for. Using blackboards and chalk for teaching has become ancient practices. The invention of computers, the internet, and portable laptops have revolutionized the once traditional profession into a modern one. The lessons are now taken through powerpoint presentations and visual aids are used to increase the understanding of students. Thus it becomes important for a teacher to have a laptop. That said here are the things to consider while buying the Best laptop for teacher.

Nowadays there is an increasing amount of online teachers who teach their classes through laptops just from home. This online teaching has more advantages since it is convenient for the students to learn from anywhere and at any time. It is mandatory for an online teacher to have a laptop. If you are a teacher and you are looking to buy a laptop, then here are some useful tips.

Best Laptop for Teachers


We know laptops are portable. But when it comes to teachers, you have to be extra careful to buy a laptop which is lightweight and which is thin and compact so that it is easy for you to carry it around. Teachers will be required to carry their laptops often. You can choose any laptop which is thin like Macbook Air.

Screen size

Screen size is the second thing you look for in any laptop. The screen size depends upon your type of work. Laptops with a large screen will be heavier than the ones with a small screen. If you have to carry your laptop around then you must stay away from 17” screen. You will do better with a 15” or a 13” screen. Online teachers will find the 13” screen more suitable.

Availability of Touch screen

The touch screen makes our lives easier as a teacher. Sometimes you may have to draw the attention of students to a specific word and you can just circle or underline it if your laptop has a touch screen. The flexibility a touch screen offers is unmatched when it comes to teaching. You can write even a few words you feel important in between the class and there is no worry if you don’t have a mouse. You can opt for laptops like Surface Pro 6, HP Chrome Book.

Quality of the screen

A dull screen can make your eyes to strain and will finally result in headache. That’s why it is important to take this factor into account while buying a laptop. Matte screens can be dull depending on the cost of the laptop while the glossy type screen will give you a vibrant feel. If your laptop screen has an anti-glare display, then it is so much better.

Quality of audio

For online teachers this is a vital thing to consider since their profession calls for good audio quality. If your audio quality is poor then it will badly reflect on your teaching capabilities. That is why having good audio quality becomes important like in Acer Aspire, Samsung ChromeBook Pro.

RAM, speed of the Processor

Both RAM and CPU are to be considered in a laptop the quality of one affects the other. A CPU of high speed and a RAM of 8GB is considered good. You can even go for 16 GB RAM. Don’t choose laptops with RAM less than 8GB. Go for higher end laptops like laptops with i5, i7 quad core processor.

Choose the correct OS

Choosing the correct OS can make your day a lot more relaxed. The safe OS to go with is Windows although other options like Mac OS, chrome IOS are also available. But remember windows support most of the softwares out there.

Apart from this take your budget into account too. Choose the best laptop for you out there and we wish you luck in doing so!

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