What Is SSL Certificate And How It Works

What Is SSL Certificate And How It Works. According to research, 68% of the people who are using the internet aren’t satisfied with the current laws for protecting the rights of internet users and their information. But, to be very honest Google is taking a strict stance to ensure that breaching of privacy of consumers must be stopped.

So, in order to deal with all the professional hackers, Google has decided to launch an HTTPS protocol for a secure connection. And in 2014, HTTPS became one of the main factors in ranking uplifting.

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What is an SSL Certificate?

What Is SSL Certificate And How It Works

SSL (Security Sockets Layer) is a quality security protocol which is used to encrypt your links between a web server and a browser when having online communications.

An SSL Certificate is necessary before you have an SSL connection. Before activating the SSL Certificate on to your website, you’d ask several questions about the identity of your website and your company. Following the method of activating SSL Certificate, two cryptographic keys are created after your website identity questions – A Private Key and A Public Key. If you are gaming person or your website is on gaming then SSL even can cause issue regarding steam score, like loading etc, but don’t worry you can fix that by easily using  https://trickslash.com/steam-store-not-loading/

After generating private and public keys, the very next step will take you to the submission of CSR (Certificate Signing Request). CSR controls all your Public Key files and details and to validate your files and details from the public key, the Certificate Authority is used.

After getting all the details and validation done, you’ll be issued be an SSL certificate and the newly issued certificate would match your private key (Unique Key). And from this point onwards, encryption will start to perform between your website and server connection.

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What is SSL/TLS Certificate?

The most commonly asked question regarding SSL/TCL is “What is SSL/TLS Certificates”. You’d have known about SSL now but pondering about TLS here is a must thing. TLS stands for (Transport Layer Security) and it takes data files that secure a cryptographic key (Private and Public) produced by SSL.

The main difference between SSL and TLS Certificate is that TLS is a more secured, recent and improved protocol which uses shredded protocols algorithm and if we compare TLS with SSL then TLS also offers great performance and privacy.

Now then, you guys must be thinking that Why people dying for having SSL when you have the most improved and latest version TLS in the market? Yes, your question is Valid. The answer is, most of the Web hosting is adopting the TLS because it was upgraded earlier this year. And the new update is taking everyone like a storm because of speed and privacy improvements.

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An SSL protocol is protecting millions of users who are using the online method for buying goods and services. To ensure your personal information and transaction details which are entered on any website are safe, we use SSL certificate. What SSL Certificate does for you, it encrypts all the information from User End to Destination so that nobody else can read them.

How Does SSL Works?

Following are the graphics which will explain everything to about the working of SSL Certificates.

Best Company to Issue SSL Certificate?

Basically, Certificate Authority or Certification Authority Issues SSL Certificate after getting all the required information from the Users. On receiving the request from the user for an SSL certificate, CA confirms two things at first

  • Legal Identity of the company who is seeking for the certificate
  • Applicant controlling the domain or not

If you want to check the SSL certificates examples before buying any, then browsers like Google Chrome, Firefox, Internet Explorer and other popular browsers have their SSL certificates installed in “Certificate Store”.  You can go and check those SSL certificates to get your assumptions right.

Now coming to the question, where to buy the SSL Certificate? There are many companies in the market who are providing SSL certificates at low prices, for instance, GeoTrust, DigiCert, GlobalSign and many more. But we will recommend you to buy SSL certificates from CA authorized Company Tech Reshape.

How to know when a website uses SSL?

A webpage who is using an SSL certificate will display something exactly like that

  • You’ll see HTTPS instead of HTTP in the address bar of the browser.
  • A lock icon in the address bar will be visible after you enable the SSL.
  • The address bar will show the green security indicator before your URL address.


SSL Certificates or HTTPS is a great method of securing web traffic and providing the customers with all needed privacy from Hackers and Cybercrime which are being at the peak in 21st Century.

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